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Christopher Yip
Kenton Wiens
Chris Lemky
Lindsay Kipp



"Canada's Trembling Spheres create nice, smooth, slightly swirling dreamy modern pop with nice, soaring melodies. The Ghosts of Sleepwalk Town features some spectacular songwriting. Instead of just tossing out generic throwaway pop, these folks obviously spent some time coming up with smart, inventive songs that hold up to many repeated spins. And the best part is....that the more you spin the songs the better they sound. Nine precise reflective cuts here including 'Last Night', 'Radiant One' (our favorite cut), 'First Time','My Shining Star', and 'Chokehold'. Really beautiful stuff here, delivered with true style."
— babysue, Top Picks, February 2009 (Rating: 5++ out of a possible 6)

“Reaching a point of transcendence in music is a lot harder than it sounds. For every band looking to best U2's most emotionally earnest moment (probably the "And you give yourself away" line in "With or Without You"), nine out of ten fall flat. And that's why it's so special when a band like Vancouver's Trembling Spheres can. Group mastermind Christopher Yip wrote all nine songs on the quintet's debut, blending hometown shoegaze legends Daytona with ambitious late '90s emo group Elliot. Yip sings with a purity most singers lack—he's able to reach those emotional high points without straining his voice—and the simplicity of his melodies and music push The Ghosts of Sleepwalk Town over the top. Other bands show more ambition or originality but few are this damn catchy.”
— Ian Gormely, Exclaim!

"In a musical landscape that worships the one-hit-wonder, Trembling Spheres' debut album, The Ghosts of Sleepwalk Town, is a breath of fresh air."
— Hannah Jenkins, Mars Hill, Volume 13 Issue 8  [ Link ]

“CD OF THE WEEK. The Ghosts of Sleepwalk Town is an attractive collection of songs written by Trembling Spheres' main guy, Christopher Yip, given a widescreen production by Yip and Jonathan Anderson. Melodic and simply stated, The Ghosts of Sleepwalk Town benefits from Yip's boyish, vulnerable vocals. They soar and are sweet but add a human dimension to what can be a wall of sound. Yip's guitar playing occasionally sounds like he's been influenced by U2's The Edge, but Trembling Spheres are more pop and modest compared to U2's fondness for big statements and grandeur.”
— Tom Harrison, The Province